Oracle Forensics is an engineering firm that specializes in fire and personal injury cases. We currently have forensic laboratories located in Chandler, Arizona (main office) and Oceanside, California, allowing us to serve the southwest United States. Our engineers routinely travel across the United States and internationally to assist the needs of our clients.

Oracle Forensics' objective is to provide the highest quality forensic engineering analysis while keeping the costs and timeliness of our services in mind. Clients are often insurance companies or manufacturing companies that need engineering analysis of a device that may have failed catastrophically. Specifically, clients are often repeat clients, indicating their ongoing satisfaction with our service. Oracle Forensics is also frequently retained by a previously adverse party, demonstrating their confidence in our professionalism.

Oracle Forensics has a full service laboratory in Chandler, Arizona, equipped with stereo microscopes, digital x-ray equipment, digital microscopes, tools, forklift, fluoroscope, etc. The lab in Chandler, Arizona is also often used by other engineering companies given the unique capabilities of the facility.

Arizona: 602-799-5078 | California: 619-928-9328 | Nevada: 702-979-4836 | New Mexico: 505-750-8474

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